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Dumeril’s Boa Care Guide:

 Dumeril’s Boa was a snake I wanted the second I saw one because they have a beautiful pattern. Dumeril’s Boas are a species of snake from Madagascar. These are very strong and hardy snakes that would be great for beginners. Most of them have a wonderful temperament and will tolerate regular handling well but sometimes there could be individuals that are more shy and defensive. Children could hold these snakes under adult supervision.   Adults usually get up to 6 and a half feet long and 25lbs (11kg) but have seen some get up to 8 and a half feet long. The recommended enclosure size for the average sized Dumeril’s Boa is a 4’x2’x1′ but bigger is always better. They do not need much height because they are ground boas and in my experience do not use the height even when available. Temperature for your cage for the ambient temps are 75°-80° F(24°-26°C). Their hot spot should be 85°-90°F (29°-32°C). Humidity throughout their cage should be 40%-60%. UVB is not required for these snakes but could potentially be beneficial. Their diet consists of rodents and birds appropriately sized for each individual. Babies can be picky eaters. Feeding newborns after first shed- 6 months old should be once a week. Dumerils that are 6-12 months old should be fed every 10 days, 1-2 year olds should be fed every 2 weeks and over 2 years old should be fed every 21 days. All snakes should be fed appropriate sized items to the size of the thickest part of each individual snake. 

There are no morphs in the USA as of right now but there are rumors of albinos Dumeril’s Boas in Europe.